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A Variety of News: Part 2

Dec 13, 2006

I received this response from a friend in regard to a recent web log. I thought it was something that should be shared with all of you:


Your comment today about the two groupings one of martyrs and the other of the delivered ones reminded me of a testimony I heard at a meeting Larry A--- hosted last Thursday. There was a brother there who was telling "the story behind the story" of the Amish schoolhouse shooting. He had been led by the Lord to go to the community a few days before the shooting, and when it happened there was revival taking place. He said that 5 of the little girls were shot dead, and that before they were killed they spoke forgiveness to the murderer and prayed for him. The other five who were shot and injured have since experience supernatural healings. including one child who was brain dead having almost fully recovered!



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Dr. Stephen Jones

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