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The Election's Tidal Wave

Nov 08, 2006

In listening to the news this morning, I heard our (R-Minn.) Secretary of State interviewed. She was asked why she thought she had lost re-election yesterday. She said that she has done a good job but that it was hard to win in view of the "tidal wave" that had swept the country.

She was referring to the tidal wave of disapproval of President Bush's Iraq War policy, as well as the tidal wave of Democratic victories in taking the majority of governorships and Congressional seats in Washington.

In many ways this was a mirror image of 1994, when the tidal wave hit the country and brought us the "Republican Revolution," sweeping the Democrats out of power. In 1994 it was largely a referendum on the immorality policies that Democrats call "sexual freedom." With the Republicans in power, there was much more resistance to such things as gay marriage and abortion.

In 2006, however, the tidal wave was primarily about the Republican war policy, which they label euphemistically, "security." So now we may see a resistance to the war policy and a return to the sexual freedoms that the Democratic Party holds dear.

I find it quite ironic that the voters get sick of one trough, so they turn to another with a different flavor for a while. That way, America progresses in both areas equally, but at different times.

What is forgotten is that the people demanded war after the Twin Towers disaster. In 2001 it would have been political suicide to forgive and simply increase our security measures to prevent it from happening again. President Bush only did what the people demanded, including Christian people.Especially Christian people.

The people expected a war in Afghanistan. They did not expect a war in Iraq. But once the smell of blood is in the air, it is hard to stop, especially when the President and his Zionist-occupied cabinet were already looking for an excuse to declare war on Iraq. Congress gave the President broad and vague power to do whatever it took to bring security to America, and, well, as V.P. Cheney says, "power is there to be used."

Having seen this coming war well in advance, due to rather specific revelation going as far back as 1986, my position on the war has never changed from the beginning. I did not join the bandwagon in 2001 calling for revenge in the name of security. I knew it was a big mistake to react in the way we did. But I also knew that it was inevitable, because God was leading us into a trap in order to make us repent of our own evil ways.

This is ultimately a spiritual battle, one that will not be won on earth until it is won in the heavens. We get a glimpse of such things in Daniel 10, where Daniel's "prince" (angel) was engaged in a heavenly battle with the Prince of Persia (10:13) and then later with the prince of Greece (10:20). These spiritual battles were fought long before the earthly armies engaged in combat. The generals on each side of the earthly battles were ignorant, no doubt, that the outcome of their battles had already been determined by spiritual warfare earlier. In the case of the Grecian War, Daniel had been engaging in spiritual warfare (through Michael, his prince) at least two centuries before the war began.

All things happen in the spirit before they happen in the world. The earthly situation merely reflects spiritual events and conditions that are established beforehand. That is why we have engaged in spiritual warfare for years. For me, it began in November of 1981. But this latter phase more properly began in 2001. In fact, the first revelation at that time, which began that phase of warfare, came to us on January 22, 2001, just two days after President Bush was first inaugurated as President.

At the time, we did not connect the events, because with such a small beginning of revelation, we had no idea how far down the rabbit hole we would be taken. Yet the first thing we learned was that America's Golden Calves were to be overthrown, and the seven spiritual princes over America were to be cast down. These seven were: Revenge, Beelzebub, Usury, the Red Dragon, Counterfeit, Slavery, and Influence.

We were then led to pray "God Bless America" in late March 2001. Six months later, everyone in America was praying that same prayer after the Twin Towers disaster. What they did not realize was that they were appealing to God to turn their hearts in repentance, for that is the biblical meaning of "bless" (Acts 3:25, 26).

God is indeed in the process of turning our hearts, regardless of who wins elections. There is a Higher Power that rules in the affairs of men. Ultimately, men will do the will of God, whether they know it or not, even as King Cyrus did (Isaiah 45:1-4). It is up to us to know and understand the will of God as much as possible, so that we may be part of His plan, and not be swayed and buffeted by world events. True security is knowing the divine plan.

I believe that President Bush will be forced to repent or apologize at some point during his time in office, in the same manner as President Clinton was forced to repent in 1998. Each of these presidents represent a different half of the polarized American people. When President Bush does repent, it will mark the time when God will intervene and give us His true security.

The Democratic tidal wave that has hit us today is no doubt part of this divine plan to cause the President to repent. Will they impeach the president like they did with President Clinton? There are many parallels, so I think it is quite possible. No doubt there will be trouble for him as a result of these elections. But regardless of what happens, know this: God is behind these troubles, because He is bringing judgment upon America to show us where we have gone wrong. This is not to destroy us, but to cause us to repent.

It does not seem to me that this repentance will occur apart from divine intervention through a flood of the Holy Spirit. Jeremiah 31:18, 19 says, "Turn Thou me, and I shall be turned. . . Surely after I was turned, I repented." The prophet recognized that he was incapable of repenting without God turning him first. So it is also with America. I have no confidence in the people's ability to repent. I have learned this by personal experience through my own inability apart from divine intervention.

But I have great hope in God, for my life is governed by the revelation of mercy and grace that He has promised for America and for the world. As part of the New Gideon's Army, we are part of a greater work than is seen on the physical plane in earth. Those without faith will despair by what they see around them, but we who have spiritual eyes to see the bigger picture from God's perspective will know that there is a divine purpose to all that happens.

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