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Prophetic History of January 23

Nov 18, 2006

Each new prophetic year begins and ends with the feast of Tabernacles. God always does something new each year and has a different revelation for us that starts small and builds through the year until it reaches its culmination at the feast of Tabernacles.

The first thing that God always does is to establish two cleansing periods of 76 days each toward the beginning of each prophetic year. The number 76 is the number of cleansing, because it is the difference between Blessed Time (490) and Cursed Time (414). I explained these numbers in my book, Secrets of Time.

The feast of Tabernacles last month completed the previous year's revelation in regard to the overthrow of the spirits of Ahab and Jezebel, who were the King of Babylon and the Queen of Heaven in prophecy. This completed the 7th vial poured out upon Mystery Babylon, which was also the final seven trips around the walls of Jericho. The Jericho Battle was actually a 13-year period from 1993 to 2006, because the biblical pattern showed that the Israelites had to march around that city 13 times.

That is now completed, and so we have watched with interest and curiosity as to what the Lord would do this year. It is now known that our first major watch date, Nov. 8, 2006, began the first of the cleansing cycles, setting the precedent for the coming year. This was the day that the results of the elections were tabulated, showing a big loss for the Republican Party. It was also the day that Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, resigned, effective in January.

In view of the fact that January 23, 2007 ends the first prophetic 76-day cycle for this new year, I wanted to give you a short background of this date. I have found over the years that the date of a revelation has a lot to do with its fulfillment. This is why I have dated revelation and events for the past 25 years. I have found so often that prophetic events tend to overlay upon each other and that dates tend to repeat similar events.

Back in 1981, I resigned as pastor of a Church in Las Cruces, NM on Dec. 5, 1981. This was the beginning of my personal "Cursed Time" cycle of 414 days, which did not end until January 23, 1983. Cursed Time is a bit of a misnomer, because it is actually a grace period in which God gives the disobedient time to repent before the execution of divine judgment. During that time, God works with the individual person (414 days) or nation (414 years) in a special disciplinary way to teach righteousness and obedience.

My particular problem in 1981 was that I had become a pastor, but I was not called to be a pastor. My calling is as a teacher, not a pastor, and when I started a Church and began pastoring it in August of 1981, I ended up being in a calling that was not mine. That is what put me on Cursed Time. Of course, I knew nothing of these things back in those days. I did not even know what Cursed Time was until ten years later. But because I was led to record events, I was able to go back later and discover this first Cursed Time cycle.

My family and I had our "wilderness" experience during that first Cursed Time cycle throughout the year 1982. We spent the time in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It finally ended when I received a telephone call from Arkansas, offering me a job there and to start a Bible fellowship. We arrived on Jauary 23, 1983, precisely on schedule at the end of the 414-day cycle.

The next revelation came in early February, when the Father told me that I would have to go back and reconcile with those that I had offended in 1981 (the surface causes of my resignation from the Church in Las Cruces). The miraculous nature of this 30-day trip from March 10 to April 9 is a story in itself, but at the time, all I knew was that I had to be back by April 9.

The dates of this trip were actually a repeat from an earlier revelation in 1976, where others made a prophetic trip from March 10 to April 9, 1976. So I was amazed when the Father worked out those precise dates for my own trip. And, as planned, I did return on April 9.

While I was aware that April 9 was a prophetic date (from 1976), I was still totally unaware that it was the end of a 76-day period from January 23, 1983. This was my own time of cleansing, to bring me from Cursed Time to Blessed Time. In other words, my 414-day time of discipline ended on January 23, 1983, and then the Lord immediately put me into a 76-day period of cleansing, because 414 + 76 = 490.

The reconciliation with the past was my time of cleansing, and it ended precisely on schedule.

In those days I still did not know that the Lord was working on TWO 76-day periods running back-to-back. I lived out these things long before recognizing the prophetic patterns.

Anyway, on January 23, 1985 we were led to hold a prayer campaign called "The Lord's Doing." It was to pray for children in general, but also on the highest level it was to pray for the birth of the Manchild--Christ in you, the hope of glory, coming to full birth.

On that day a girl was born, who was soon afterward adopted by close friends in our fellowship who had been trying to adopt for many years. Their prayers were answered on the day of our prayer campaign for children. At the same time, another woman became pregnant, but, of course, she did not realize it until some weeks later. When she announced her pregnancy, I asked her when she had conceived. She said, "January 23."

I was struck immediately by the revelation that this was a type of the Manchild, who was now conceived in the Church and would soon be brought to birth by the following feast of Tabernacles (1985). However, she miscarried on the morning of April 9 after a 76-day pregnancy. This told me that the Church as a body had miscarried the Manchild in our generation.

But all was not lost, because the night before her miscarriage, the Lord had suddenly come upon me with a very strong and stern word, "O My people, if you had but heard My word which I have sent through the prophets," or words to that effect. (Being on the road right now, I don't have my notes in front of me to get the precise wording.) The word of the Lord continued, "Come out of her, My people, that you be not partakers with her of her plagues." Of course, I complied, not having a clue about what I was coming out of or why.

When the miscarriage occurred the following morning, I began to understand that God was separating the overcomers from the Church in general. The overcomers were being made into a separate group, so that they would be able to bring forth the Manchild, even if the Church in general had decided to abort or had simply miscarried in her weakness.

This has little to do with being a member of an denomination, by the way. A denomination is not the Church. People are the Church. The Church is whoever has a basic faith in Jesus Christ and has applied His blood to their hearts in the appropriate manner. The Church has conceived the Manchild and has Christ in her, but it is yet like a pregnancy before coming full term.

Anyway, this event showed that the Church itself would not receive the inheritance in the first resurrection, but would have to await the second. The Church would not bring forth the Manchild at the beginning of the Tabernacles Age ("millennium"). Only the overcomers would qualify for this and would rule with Christ during the coming Age.

In 1983, I played out these cycles and revelations in a positive way with good results. But in 1985 the same cycles played out in a negative way in the Church.

This is the general background of the significance of January 23. I do not want to speculate or prophesy about what might manifest on January 23, 2007. I am only giving you the background so that you will know how to be watchful.

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