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News: Flooding in Washington

Nov 07, 2006

This news is related to the other weblog posted today, where I talked about Washington State being spiritually connected to Washington D.C.

In there, I wrote about how a record-setting wind storm hit Seattle on January 20, 1993, which was the day President Clinton was inaugurated. Also, at that time an e-coli contamination at Jack-in-the-Box sent hundreds to the hospital and killed two people in Seattle. Food is symbolic of what we eat spiritually (The Word), and if it is contaminated with dung (idols of the heart), we get e-coli poisoning. I'm speaking spiritually, of course.

Seattle is located in King County, which speaks of government. Washington State has the only flag with a picture of George Washington on it. Just north of Seattle is the town of Mount Vernon, representing the home of the Presidents (i.e., the White House). Nearby is Martha Washington Creek, named after President Washington's wife, Martha.

These are all spiritual indicators that occasionally manifest as signs. I used to say that if I wanted to know what was going on in Washington D.C., I looked for signs in Seattle. When I wanted to know what was going on in the White House, I looked for signs in Mount Vernon. I know it sounds crazy to the natural mind, but there were too many coincidences to pass it off.

At the present time, Washington State is experiencing floods after a lengthy drought.


Last month, floods hit New England, which were early indicators. But the fact is that flooding is occurring in Washington right at this time when we are watching for signs of Noah's flood. First the natural, then the spiritual, Paul says in 1 Cor. 15:46. All of this seems to point to a new move of the Holy Spirit that is shortly to come to pass. It may be imminent, or it may occur on a time cycle yet unknown from the sign itself.

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