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Conference Update

Nov 29, 2006

Key Ministries in Euless, Texas is hosting a Secrets of Time Conference next February 9-11. Euless is between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Pastor Stephen Bell has now posted the information on the ministry web site. See it at:


This conference is OPEN TO ALL with no registration fees. If you are interested in attending this, however, please contact Key Ministries so that they have some idea how many will be attending. This is mostly important so that they can plan two meals a day at the Church. Their phone number is listed on the web page above.

Pastor Bell and I have talked about doing a conference like this for some years now. Our purpose is to put this information on DVD's so that a wider distribution of the Word can be made available to the public. It has been over 10 years since I actually recorded a series of teachings such as this. I have learned much since then and have been able to simplify a lot of the complex information in recent years.

Key Ministries has good facilities, and I know that you will be blessed in getting to know the people there. If you live in the area and are in need of a Church fellowship, I can recommend them as well.

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