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Another Massacre, Another Veto

Nov 14, 2006

Last week end the United States vetoed its 80th United Nations resolution. It was the 30th time the US has vetoed a resolution intended to prevent the Israeli oppression or killing of Palestinians.


The use of Veto power has encouraged the Israelis, who know that they can literally get away with murder, knowing that the United States will back their right to oppress and kill Palestinians in the name of war or security. This is a bipartisan issue, of course. Both Democrats and Republicans have had nearly identical policies in this regard since 1948. The recent elections in the US will not result in any change of policy in regard to the Palestinians and their right to exist.

Israeli policy has always been aimed at driving out the Palestinians from their land. In late 1947 the UN partitioned Palestine--which only angered both sides, who wanted all of it. The difference is that it was not the Palestinians who immigrated to Europe to take over land owned by Jews. It was the other way around.

While it is certainly true that many Jews purchased land in Palestine in an honorable way, it is also true that once they came into power, they began to seize land in every way conceivable. As Jewish author Robert Friedman reports in his book, Zealots for Zion, it often happened that a Jew offered to buy a Palestinian's land. If he refused, the Jew would simply forge a bill of sale, and then show up one day with military force, and evict the Palestinian from his land.

It has always been the unofficial Israeli government policy to make life as miserable as possible for all Palestinians, so that they will leave on their own accord. Once they leave, they are forbidden by law ever to return. Most Palestinians stay, of course, mostly because they have no other place to go. And so Palestine continues to compete for the title of Most Wretched Place on Earth.

Some do fight back, of course, and these are then labeled "terrorists." How dare they fight back! Do they not know that the Israelis have a right to security and self-defense? Those who fight back are thus used as "proof" that the Israeli policies are necessary to keep law and order and to keep Israeli citizens secure.

The most recent Israeli incursion into Gaza is just another of a long string of war tactics designed to kill more Palestinians, keep the pot boiling, and ensure that more Palestinians will finally lose all hope. Out of despair and hatred, they will turn themselves into suicide bombers, which in turn will provide the Israelis with more "proof" that they were right all along.

With such a policy of expulsion by oppression, the world looks on aghast at America's partiality toward the Israelis and cannot understand how we can talk about human rights everywhere except in Palestine. Our partiality in judgment shows the world that we are a hypocritical nation that bases its foreign policy on the idea of Jews being God's Privileged People.

This is why my book, The Struggle for the Birthright, is so vital today. Christians do not care about anything other than the single idea that the Jews are God's Chosen and that they are fulfilling Bible prophecy to set up the conditions for the second coming of Christ. They are so focused upon this goal that they do not care about the means to get there. They do not understand Paul's statement in 2 Tim. 2:5 that "a man is not crowned except he strive lawfully."

Winning is not everything. You can win all the races ever run, but if you violate the rules, you are disqualified and will not be crowned the victor.

In my book, I quote almost exclusively from Jewish sources in order to avoid the charge of using biased sources. Those who do not believe that Jewish terrorists were vital instruments in the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948 ought to read Prime Minister Menachem Begin's book, The Revolt: Story of the Irgun, published in 1951. They should read Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's book, or Ariel Sharon's book about the massacre at Kibbya that he was ordered to do. These books are not written by Neo-Nazis, but by Israeli Prime Ministers. Most Christians ignore them or do not even know that they wrote their own biographies.

I did my homework, and I actually believe what they wrote. Read how they bombed bridges and buildings, invented letter bombs, poisoned Palestinian wells with typhus, stole land, and drove out the people of the land by terrorism. The Christian town of Birim, for example, was told by the Israeli military to evacuate for a few days for security reasons. They were never allowed to return. Soon their houses were demolished, and nearly every trace of its existence was eradicated. A new Jewish settlement was built in its place. The Christians there were not terrorists, but this is how they were rewarded.

But having been raised a Christian Zionist myself, I understand one thing clearly: Listing the Israeli atrocities will have little effect upon the Christian mindset, because in their minds all is justified by that one great principle: God's Chosen People. To a Christian Zionist, this allows any Jew to act immorally toward anyone standing in the way of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

For this reason, I trace the problem back to the beginning to see if the premises of the argument are sound. I studied both the Bible and history and found a surprising lack of basic historical knowledge on the part of the Christian Zionist teachers. The most important piece of historical knowledge that is missing is the fact that the descendants of Esau (Edom, or Idumea) were conquered and absorbed into the nation of Judah (or Judea) in 126 B.C. From that point on, there has been no nation of Edom separate from the nation of Judah.

This means that the present people that we call Jews are fulfilling two sets of Bible prophecy. The first is the prophecy of the fig tree of Judah in Matt. 21. The second is the Old Testament prophecies of Edom. No other group is capable of fulfilling all of those prophecies, for if Edom no longer exists, then how will those prophecies be fulfilled? The Zionist state called "Israel" is a mixed bag, for it is fulfilling the Zionist aspirations of both the fig tree of Judah and of Esau-Edom himself, as expressed in Mal. 1:4, Ezekiel 35:10, and 36:5.

When we understand the laws of tribulation in Leviticus 26, where God says that His people would not be allowed to return to their land until they repented and acknowledged their "hostility" (NASB) toward God, we get the second major piece of the puzzle. For many years, Christians taught that the Jews would first repent, and then God would bring them back to Palestine. But when this did not happen, the whole subject was dropped without searching it out and finding out why God would allow them to establish the Israeli state in unbelief.

The simple answer is that the Israeli state was not founded upon the prophecies of Israel's restoration, but upon the prophecy of Isaac to Esau (Gen. 27:40) after Jacob lied to his father to obtain the blessing. The day would come when Jacob would have to give the blessing back to Esau's descendants, in order to allow Esau time to prove his unworthiness to receive that blessing.

This is what happened in 1948. The descendants of Esau-Edom within Jewry itself were given the dominion mandate, as Isaac had prophesied. Even as Jacob had pretended to be Esau in order to deceive his father into making him "chosen," so also has modern Esau pretended to be Jacob in order to deceive the Christian people of Isaac into giving them God's blessing and making them the "chosen" people. Read the book.

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