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A New Wind is Blowing

Nov 13, 2006

Many of you reading this are relatively new readers. I hope that you will take the time to go back and read some of the earlier web logs. Since I normally do not write a web log on Sundays, that would be a good day to catch up on some reading. Though I do repeat some information, I do not like to do this too much, so if you want the background material, you will have to read the past articles to catch up. At least go back to last February's articles, because these are quite foundational to what is going on today.

For instance, in February's 4-part series, "The Big Picture," I told the story of my 1986 vision of the Two Gulf Wars. This information is foundational to understanding why we fought the first Gulf War in 1991 and why we are now in the second Gulf War. Without this background, it would be difficult to see where the present Gulf War is headed and how it must end.

To know the roots of this conflict is to know the solution. When I learned of these two Gulf Wars through a vision of March 26, 1986, the angel told me to watch the month of Ramadan. Ramadan that year began about May 9 and extended to the first week in June. This month, the angel said, the first beast of war would have to be released to bring us into Gulf War One.

As it turned out, in late May of that year President Reagan sent Oliver North and Robert McFarlane to Iran to make a deal, which later became known as the Iran-Contra Scandal. This was the deal that released the first Gulf War "beast," the spirit behind that war.

In the middle of 1988, however, we were led to engage in spiritual warfare to postpone the first Gulf War and to give America time to repent and perhaps even stop it altogether. The date of the warfare was August 2 and 3 of 1988. We were able to take the war beast captive for a year, but then again were forced to release it on August 2, 3 of 1989.

A year later, on August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, and the Gulf War began for real. Everything that I saw in the vision of March 26, 1986 came to pass, as I described in the web logs last February.

The beast of Gulf War Two was released on Sept. 11, 2001 with the Twin Towers Disaster. I wrote other web logs about the importance of that date. We had picked out that date as a watch date three years earlier when President Clinton repented and read Psalm 51 in front of the Congressional Prayer Breakfast in the East Wing of the White House. His prayer was, "Create in me a clean heart, O God." He did this on Sept. 11, 1998 about three weeks after his national television address where he admitted his affair with Monica Lewinski.

We knew the biblical pattern that was being played out here, and so it was clear that the President had postponed the judgment upon America (via Gulf War Two) for three years, and that this war would then come in the days of his successor in office. This is how President Bush inherited the problem. The events of 9-11 brought Americans into a war mood, and the President simply responded to the desire of the people.

Knowing what was going on in the spirit, we opposed the war from the start. And yet we also knew that unless God intervened to give Americans more time to repent, it would proceed on schedule. The only way to stop the war altogether was for the American people themselves to repent for their support of terrorism since 1948. Especially the Christians, who have supported the Zionist terrorists who succeeded in establishing their Israeli state in 1948.

This is the root of the current problem, and until we repent of that, we ourselves will be the victims of terrorism. We are being judged according to our own standard of measure. We cannot oppose Arab terrorism and condone Israeli terrorism and then stand before God and ask for His blessings. No, we must learn the lesson that Peter had to learn in Acts 10:34, that God is no respecter of persons and does not show partiality.

But to really understand the root of the problem, you would have to read my book, The Struggle for the Birthright, because this gives the history of the current problem back to the book of Genesis in the conflict between Jacob and Esau. I cannot possibly cover that subject in this short web log. But neither should Christians assume that they know the story, having heard it from the pulpits for years. The real story is about Isaac's blindness and how the Church fulfills the story of Isaac. This blindness is the real Church problem today, for it causes them to support Esau, while thinking they are supporting Jacob. This knowledge is absolutely crucial. Please read this material and be part of the solution today.

I have written extensively in this past year to show from Scripture why President Bush's foreign policy in the Middle East is wrong. However, I have also shown that the President is only reflecting the heart of his constituents--the so-called "Christian Right." Presidents Clinton and Bush each represented their half of the nation, and God has been using each of them to repent on behalf of their half of America.

That is why God brought President Clinton to the place of repentance in 1998. He repented on behalf of his constituents, who are most desirous of sexual freedom. We understood from the moment he took office that God would bring him to that place. We just did not know when this would take place. But when it happened, it had a profound effect upon America according to biblical pattern.

Now we are looking for President Bush to do the same, in order to complete the process of America's repentance. From the moment he took office, and even beforehand, we have understood that President Bush was called to repent on behalf of the Church. He is still resisting this call to repentance, even as President Clinton resisted his calling for many years. But God has a way of working the situation to the point where they have no other options. That in itself is the mercy of God, for it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance (Rom. 2:4).

I believe that this latest political election has stunned President Bush and will cause him to turn to God and ask why this has happened. He will begin questioning the premises on which he has based his foreign policy. The downfall of Donald Rumsfeld is only the beginning. Now that he is a "lame duck Secretary of Defense," there will be new revelations about him that may well bring him to trial before the World Court as a war criminal for his torture policies.

The next big casualty could be the Vice President, Dick Cheney. The BBC News is now reporting that President Bush is now turning to his father's cabinet to resolve his dilemma in Iraq. That shows his disillusionment with his own Zionist cabinet members who have been advising him up to now. Do not underestimate the monumental significance of this change. The first Bush president lost re-election because he refused to hand over ten billion dollars to the Israelis to help them build new settlements in the West Bank on Palestinian land. Israeli Prime Minister Shamir was extremely angry at Bush's audacity.

Thus, a new wind is blowing in Washington. It signals a change in direction. Though it is still a relatively mild change at this point, I believe it will grow until it becomes a political hurricane. Watch for the day President Bush apologizes to the nation, for that will be no mere President speaking. He will be speaking as the representative of all Americans. That, I believe, will be the point where God will begin to intervene and save us from disaster.

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