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Update on the Eisenhower Strike Group

Oct 30, 2006

On October 27 I reported the continuing buildup of ships in the Persian Gulf, and I assumed that the Eisenhower Strike Group was already there. Somehow I missed the statement at the end of the article on the link, which read:

Revised and updated Oct 25, 2006. Note: Since this report was first published, we have been advised that several press reports concerning USS Eisenhower are incorrect. US military sources have confirmed that USS Eisenhower was in Naples on Oct 23.

I presume that the Eisenhower was in Naples, ITALY on October 23rd. If there is a plan of attack against Iran in the works, it probably would not come until this Strike Group arrived at or near the Persian Gulf. I do not know where this group is today, but it is obviously heading for the Persian Gulf, if it is not already there by now.

That link again is at:


To see the location of ships, you can also go to the Navy's site at: http://www.navy.mil/navydata/navy_legacy.asp?id=146. Note that the Eisenhower is now in the Red Sea.

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