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Israeli Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

Aug 22, 2006

Cluster bombs dropped on towns and civilian areas are not legal under the U.N. regulations. To do so constitutes a war crime. The United States has shielded the Israelis from many U.N. resolutions in the past and will probably try to shield them again from charges of war crimes in their little war against Lebanon. The Israelis appear to have made a very serious mistake in attacking Lebanon in the first place, and the use of cluster bombs makes it even worse.

An article in The Guardian reads:

"Israel may be pulling out of Lebanon but its soldiers leave behind a lethal legacy of this summer's 34-day war. The south is carpeted with unexploded cluster bombs, innocuous looking black canisters, barely larger than a torch battery, which pose a deadly threat to villagers stumbling back to their homes.

"Mine-clearing teams scrambling across the region have logged 89 cluster bomb sites so far, and expect to find about 110 more. Meanwhile, casualties are being taken into hospital - four dead and 21 injured so far. Officials fear the toll could eventually stretch into the thousands.

"We already had a major landmine problem from previous Israeli invasions, but this is far worse," said Chris Clark of the UN Mine Action Coordination Centre in Tyre, standing before a map filled with flags indicating bomb sites.

"Cluster bombs are permitted under international law, but UN and human rights officials claim Israel violated provisions forbidding their use in urban areas. "We're finding them in orange plantations, on streets, in cars, near hospitals - pretty much everywhere," Mr Clark said."

If you have trouble logging on to the site below (like I did), go to www.google.com and type in "Lebanon cluster bombs." Look for the Guardian article at the top site that comes up.


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