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Are the Floodgates opening? Part 1

May 11, 2006

In August of 1996 we moved from Seattle to Minneapolis. The revelation at the time was that we were to be in Minneapolis by September 2 to "open the gates." Ten years earlier a revelation had been given in 1986 about the floodgates being opened on September 2. At first the meaning of this revelation was unclear, but as time passed, it seems to have clarified more. And because we so often see things happen on 10-year cycles, we are now approaching the end of this next cycle in 2006.

I believe that this revelation has to do with at least two things. First, the floodgates are opening in the positive sense, in that we seem to be approaching a time of a significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit--probably the greatest one yet in the history of the Church.

Secondly, the floodgates are opening in the negative sense, in that we could begin to see some serious side effects of our immorality and rebellion against God--from both the people and government policies. The natural (divine) laws of cause and effect could well begin to catch up to us in a serious way this year, and we will begin to reap what we have sown.

I have tracked this for many years and have recorded the signs and revelations in order to be able to look back on them in years to come with greater understanding as events unfold. One thing I can say with some confidence and certainty is that the divine goal through all of this is to give the Kingdom to the overcomers, which allows "the meek" or "gentle ones" (as opposed to the violent ones) to inherit the earth. To the world at large, and especially to government leaders and politicians, this is a pipe dream--totally unrealistic. That is why they engage in all of the immoral schemes to do "good" by violence and subterfuge.

But the prophet Daniel foresaw the day when the "beast" systems of world governments would end, and the dominion would be transferred to the saints of the Most High. Daniel 7:27 says,

"Then the sovereignty, the dominion, and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints of the Highest One; His Kingdom will be an everlasting Kingdom, and all the dominions will serve and obey Him."

I believe that we are in the time of transition toward that end. I also believe it is something that only God can do, and that we are not called to take up arms and become "revolutionaries." The posters in South America during the 1960's depicting a Revolutionary Jesus with a gun supporting Che Guevara are the product of the carnal mind, not the result of men being led by the Holy Spirit.

But let me take you back to the events of 1996, because the signs occurring at that time were very revealing.

At the end of June 1996, at the end of a house meeting, the Father spoke to my wife and I independently that we were to move to Minneapolis. Later that night, when we were alone, we discussed this and discovered that we each had the same revelation. So we prayed about it for a week and then announced our intention at the next house meeting.

Meanwhile, in the middle of that week (Wed., July 3) British Prime Minister John Major announced that the Coronation Stone and other artifacts were going to be returned to Scotland. These had been taken to London 700 years earlier in 1296 A.D. Now the Coronation Stone was to be returned to its "rightful owners."

At first, I did not see the connection between our move and the move of the Coronation Stone. We left Seattle on August 5, precisely 2 x 490 days from Nov. 29, 1993, which had been the primary start date of our 7-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign. In fact, we had moved to Seattle from Arkansas specifically to conduct this prayer campaign from Seattle, Washington. But in August 1996 we moved to Minneapolis on blind faith, not knowing where we would live. We simply had God's promise that He would provide a house for us.

When we arrived in Minneapolis, we searched and prayed for a house, but found it impossible to rent a suitable house anywhere. We simply did not have the credit to rent. So we did the next best thing--we bought a house! Crazy as it may sound, we could not rent, so we bought a house.

We were approved, and so we asked the previous owners how soon we could sign the final papers and move into the house. They said, "Well, we are getting ready to build a house for ourselves, so we'll ask the building contractors when they will be finished with our new house." The answer was "the end of November."

Well, that meant we would have to find temporary housing for three months. We finally settled on "corporate housing" in a place called "The Gates of Edinburgh" just a mile from the house we were purchasing. Only then did I begin to piece this together. The British government had not decided yet where to move the Coronation Stone. Edinburgh was just one of the possibilities. They were considering Scone, where it had originally been located. Ireland also wanted it, because it had come from Ireland to Scotland in 536 A.D.

Furthermore, the Israelis wanted it, saying that it had originally come from Bethel and was the stone that Jacob anointed in Gen. 28:18. Jacob had taken it to Egypt, where Joseph had become its custodian, or "shepherd" (Gen. 49:24). This was "the rock that followed them" out of Egypt (1 Cor. 10:4), which gave the people water. The kings had been crowned at this rock, or "pillar," (2 Kings 11:14; 2 Kings 23:3; 2 Chron. 23:13).

Tradition said that the rock was taken by Jeremiah to Ireland in about 580 B.C., along with King Zedekiah's daughter, who married Eochaidh, the new king in Ireland. From there it was taken to Scotland and then finally to London.

To us, it was a type of Christ. The rock was "anointed." Christ means "anointed one." From Him comes the water of life. He is associated with the coronation of kings, because they were considered to be the visible rulers on His throne.

For this reason, the Coronation Stone, whether real or not, was an important sign of the transfer of authority to its rightful owners--the overcomers. Once we moved to Edinburgh to await our newly purchased house, I made the connection to the Coronation Stone and knew that it would be brought to Edinburgh, Scotland. Sure enough, on Nov. 15 it was taken from London on a two-week tour before being placed in the castle at Edinburgh on Nov. 30, 1996.

Prince Andrew presided over the transfer ceremony. Scotland's patron saint is Saint Andrew. November 30 was Saint Andrew's Day.

Andrew means "manly." This signified the transfer of authority from the princes of men to the saints of the Most High, as Daniel 7:27 reads.

Furthermore, I had had a revelation back in 1985 that we were to "occupy these Gates in My name until I come to set up My Kingdom in your midst." I recalled this 11 years later in 1996 and finally understood what it meant. We were to "occupy" The Gates of Edinburgh until Christ (i.e., the anointed rock representing Christ) came to set up His Kingdom in our midst.

This told me that we would not be able to leave the Gates of Edinburgh until the Coronation Stone was placed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sure enough, we were unable to move into our new home until Nov. 29-30, 1996. We finished the move two hours after the Coronation Stone had been placed on the oak table at Edinburgh Castle.

For those who have not observed such signs, this probably sounds like a very strange story. But this kind of thing has happened so often over the years that I have come to see it as pretty normal in the revelation process. Most people are unfamiliar with the ways of God and how He reveals things in the news of the day.

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Are the Floodgates Opening?

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