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About Abortion: Part 4

May 22, 2006

From a political standpoint, it would be foolish for a political party to push legislation that would kill members of their own party, whom they rely upon to vote for their candidates. Yet that is what is happening. It is well known that the Democratic Party has a "pro-choice" platform, and nearly all of their well-known leaders and presidential candidates espouse this position.

But there is a stark reality in the political effects of abortion that they have not recognized. Because the act of abortion is not mandatory in America, it only harms the children of those who participate in it. So who participates in it? Who actually goes to an abortion clinic to kill their offspring (or future offspring, however you want to define it)?

The problem certainly can be found in all types of people, but it is equally true that it has much less effect upon those whose religious beliefs oppose the idea of abortion. There are traditional Catholics, evangelicals, Mormons, whose abortion rates are relatively low in comparison with liberal Catholics, liberal main-line Church members, and liberal non-Christians in general.

Since children broadly tend to live by the principles of their parents, it takes no stretch of imagination to see that it is, in general, the secular and religious liberals who are aborting their children. And since these tend to vote Democratic in elections, these people are aborting future Democratic voters.

It took some years for this to translate into real voter demographic statistics, of course--at least 20-30 years. The only way that they can maintain or increase their membership is by liberalizing otherwise conservative people or by appealing to other policies and downplaying the abortion issue.

If it were not for the liberalisation of the American Catholic Church, abortions probably would have been outlawed some years ago. But Vatican II in the early 1960's thrust many Catholics into the liberal camp, making them "free-thinkers," often with the support of priests and bishops. It was commonly known, for instance, that during the papacy of John Paul II, Catholics loved him personally, but did not follow his commands on issues that they disagreed with--including abortion.

Yet from the beginning, the more traditional Catholics have led the charge in the anti-abortion movement. This has resulted in an interesting alliance between traditional Catholics and the evangelical movement. In fact, it is often pointed out that traditional Catholics seem to have more in common with evangelicals than they do with liberal Catholics on issues that are important to them.

One state that has a long tradition of liberal thinking is Minnesota, where I live. The strong Catholic population in the southern part of the state, is now tipping the balance into the conservative camp. And it is largely over the abortion issue.

In the past few months, the news has reported on the Immigration issue as well. Democrats salivate over the possibility of a whole new set of voters in their liberal ranks--mostly because they can point to their policies of financial aid to both legal and illegal immigrants. But they do not realize that if they are successful, they will be filling their own ranks with Mexican traditional Catholics who do not support abortion.

Regardless of party affiliation, if we get 11 million new voters out of this in the near future, the vast majority of them will not be "pro-choice."

The bottom line is this: the future of pro-abortion legislation is looking bleak. Not only are pro-choice people aborting many of their own future voters, but they are promoting immigration laws that will replace them with anti-abortion voters.

Without direct divine intervention, this shift could take another 20 years, but that is a relatively short time in political terms. This shift will be reflected in Congress and in presidential candidates. This, in turn, will slowly affect the Supreme Court members.

Unfortunately, there are other factors that could nullify this trend in the short-term. President Bush, for instance, is said to have an "approval" rating of 29 percent now. This low approval rating is primarily due to the war in Iraq. Will there be a backlash in the next election against the Republicans and against conservative candidates in general over the Iraq issue? Will this overshadow the abortion issue and cause normally-conservative voters to vote for a liberal candidate? Perhaps, but the abortion issue will never really go away as long as people believe it to be murder.

Personally, I believe that we will soon see some direct divine intervention in the form of a huge outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon America and upon the whole world. I think it will occur during President Bush's current term of office. And I think it will change EVERYTHING. Liberals will not have to worry about their abortion rights being removed, because they will have a change of heart as fast as the Apostle Paul did on the Damascus Road.

You see, if abortion were outlawed in America before this outpouring of the Spirit, if the balance were to be tipped by just a few thousand voters, we would still have a problem with half the country feeling oppressed and injured by the new legislation. They will feel that their freedoms have been abridged, and they will be very vocal about it. (Remember how the anti-abortionists felt after Roe v. Wade? Now the shoe would be on the other foot.) In other words, America would still be greatly polarized and disunified over the abortion issue. It would be a hollow victory.

The real solution is not to beat the liberals into subjection, but to let them see God through the demonstration of the Spirit. It is hard to argue with God when God directly intervenes--as the Apostle Paul discovered.

My advice: Let's view pro-choice liberals as future Christians. Let's reveal God to them by our love, rather than by assassination or bombs. Let's understand that Roe v. Wade was not so much a CAUSE for divine judgment as it was the RESULT of the Church aborting the Manchild for 70 Manchild generations. Thus, instead of blaming the other side, let's take responsibility for it and repent before God for our own actions and the actions of our forefathers in the Church.

Let's recognize that we are in captivity to Mystery Babylon, not because of the non-Christians in our midst, but because of the lawlessness of the Church--as set by the pattern of King Saul in the Old Testament. "If MY PEOPLE," says 2 Chron. 7:14, "will humble themselves and pray. . ." God will change the nation if His people pray--not if the unbelievers stop sinning.

It is easy to blame the unbelievers for our problems, but the simple fact is this: God crowned the Church in Acts 2 with spiritual authority in the world. If the Church had not been so obsessed with power and money over the centuries (and still is today), they would never have set the standard of immorality for the world to follow. The same is true with abortion. The Church set the moral standard on abortion when they refused to bring forth Christ, the Hope of Glory by the power of the feast of Tabernacles.

If the Church had acted more like David and less like Saul, the world have been converted a long time ago, and abortion would have been unthinkable.

I believe all this is about to change. Let us prepare our hearts for that change.

Simple Prayer from the heart: "Father, we have sinned. Forgive Your people, forgive the Church, for its lawlessness. Forgive us for blaming others. We ask that You would reveal Yourself to those who do not know you. Reveal Your love to them through us. Thank-you for hearing and for answering our prayer."

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