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The Axe Laid to the Root: Final

Apr 04, 2006

In my web logs of Feb. 2 and Feb. 6, I wrote about the coming dates of March 24 and 25. This is our topic today in the final part of our current series.

March 24-25 was 76 days from Jan. 8, when the prophetic word went out against Jezebel, the counterfeit Bride, the great harlot of Revelation.

March 24-25 was also 1,656 days from Sept. 11, 2001 (Twin Towers disaster). This is 4 x 414 days, the same number of days from God's curse upon the ground to Noah's flood.

March 24-25 was also 50 days from the sinking of the Egyptian ferry in the Red Sea. This is a Pentecost cycle, indicating  the spoken Word of God, as first seen at Mount Sinai in Exodus 20.

We did not know earlier if the significance of March 24-25 would be seen in the news or simply in the meetings in Sacramento that were scheduled during that time. As it turned out, the significance of March 24-27 was the prophetic word that went forth in Sacramento, but this was immediately followed by significant news reports from March 28 to April 3. These news reports, I believe, were the earthly results of the spiritual word that came forth first. And it has everything to do with "The Axe Laid to the Root."

So much has happened that I can only give you a brief summary.

March 24: Pastor Paul Davis (from Wisconsin) called in early March to give me a Word applicable to March 24--"Walking into the Promise." Neither of us had any idea what it meant at the time, but it became evident by the time our Sacramento meetings had concluded.

Another word we received was to declare: "Father, into Thy hands, I resign my spirit," quoting Jesus' word on the cross. He was the Offering for sin, and this was the fulfillment of the Old Testament sacrifices that were offerings made by fire. The flesh was burned and turned into smoke, representing spirit. It was the spirit of the animal that was the acceptable offering and which "ascended" to God as a "sweet savor."

March 25: The prophetic word spoken on this day was, "Father, we ask for wisdom on behalf of the whole body of Christ," because without wisdom the king-priests of God cannot reign properly. Because wisdom is always feminine in Hebrew (See Prov. 8), we were really praying for the Sons of God to be united with the true Bride.

March 26: According to Ezekiel 37:1-14, the prophetic word was spoken to the dry bones that they would receive flesh, and then to the wind that it would bring life to the body. On this day we began to see the first of the signs in the news, when the (Afghanistan) case was dropped against Rahman. He was to be tried on the capital crime of converting to Christianity. He immediately found asylum in Italy. It is like he was given "life" on this day as a confirmation of the Word.

March 27: We were drawn to study the two occasions wherein Israel under Moses encountered Edom in the wilderness. We compared this to Jacob's two encounters in his "wilderness" journey to Haran and back. Jacob was robbed by Esau's son, Eliphaz, while on his way to Bethel. Eliphaz means "my god is fine gold." His robbery showed the meaning of his name, and the story is recorded in the Book of Jasher.

Jacob again encountered Esau on his return trip. Jacob's personal experience was prophetic of a greater fulfillment in Israel under Moses. After leaving Egypt, they crossed the Red Sea, which can mean either the "Sea of Reeds" or the "Sea of Edom." This represents their first encounter with Esau (Eliphaz). Then, of course, they soon were attacked by the Amalekites, who were descended from Amalek, the son of Eliphaz.

Israel's second encounter with Edom was 40 years later when they were due to enter the Promised Land. They wanted to walk through Edom's territory, but Edom would not allow this. So they were delayed, having to walk around Edom.

In applying these biblical patterns to the present time, we took note that Edom has again provided the delay from 1948 to the present time in our march toward the Promised Land. We have had to go around Edom for the reasons stated in my book, The Struggle for the Birthright. But on March 27, 2006 we knew that we had finally finished our detour around Edom. We also discussed Psalm 60:8, where God says, "Over Edom I shall throw My shoe."

Most people have no idea what this verse means, but it is a reference to the Law of the Manchild found in Deut. 25:5-10. It simply means God refuses to take Edom as a wife to bring forth the Manchild. He would rather lose His shoe, which is the ritual used to signify the rejection.

Thus, on March 27 we were led as a group to walk down the hill from the meeting house to the pond that was covered over with hyacinth. It was a "Sea of Reeds." But at one end, it was open except for bright red algae, making it look literally like "The Red Sea." We threw a shoe across the pond to signify God throwing His shoe over Edom (Red). Then we walked around the pond to signify Israel's journey around Edom. As we did, we noticed many flecks of gold shining in the sunlight. After all, this was Sacramento, the place where the Gold Rush began in 1848. A young man recently had panned that very creek for gold and had earned enough money to go to college. So we took note of the "fine gold" (Eliphaz).

March 28: The Israeli elections tossed out the ruling Likud Party, successor to the Edomite terrorists of the 1940's. And Caspar Weinberger died. He was President Reagan's Secretary of Defense. Weinberger essentially means a Vineyard-keeper. This is a major sign of the overthrow of the vineyard-keepers in Jesus' parable in Matthew 21:33-45.

March 29: Jack Abramoff was sentenced to 70 months in prison for bribing government officials. With such an obviously Jewish name, the media decided to refer to him as a "disgraced lobbyist," rather than labeling him as a criminal. But I see this as one more sign of the bad-fig-Edom nation being displaced and "disgraced." On the same day a solar eclipse was visible in the Israeli State, which symbolizes the eclipse of leaders and perhaps the State itself.

April 3: Tom DeLay decides to retire and not run for office any more. I mentioned him months ago as a sign from Rev. 10:6, "there will be no more delay" (NASB). Coming now, it tells us that the delay has been our walk around Edom, delaying our entry into the Promised Land.

Also, that same evening, the word of the Lord came to my wife and I as we were in prayer that we were to speak to the true Bride on behalf of the Divine Court and tell her: "You are the one I have chosen, and I will bring forth the Manchild through you."

So we are seeing signs of the rejection of the Babylonian-Edomite bride and the acceptance of the true Bride. He has cast out His shoe over Edom, but He has chosen the true Israel as His Bride.

This is the final part of a series titled "The Axe Laid to the Root." To view all parts, click the link below.

The Axe Laid to the Root

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