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Sliding into World War Three: Part 2

Apr 10, 2006

Albert Pike, the head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the late 1800's, was an avowed Luciferian. His religion was just one occult denomination competing for power. Luciferianism teaches that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, that both are gods, and that Lucifer is the true bearer of Light. Thus, they follow Lucifer, rather than Jesus, the "younger brother."

There is a technical difference between cults that are Luciferian, Satanic, Pagan, Witchcraft, and occult. There are thousands of these competing cults, at least as many as there are Christian denominations. But they all have one thing in common--they oppose Jesus Christ or at least deny the core biblical truth that Jesus Christ died as a Sacrifice for sin and that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin (1 John 1:7).

There are also occultists WITHIN various denominations of Christianity who work to subvert and replace biblical theology with their own occult ideas. The most prominent example that has emerged from hiding in just the past few years is the Mary Magdalene Cult that is being popularized by Dan Brown's novel-turned-movie, The DaVinci Code. Competing with Dan Brown is Laurence Gardner, who has published a number of books promoting "Prince Michael" of Scotland (the deposed Stuart dynasty) as the rightful heir to the Merovingian throne in Europe.

This idea sets forth the idea that Jesus did not really die on the cross, but that He somehow escaped and lived to marry Mary Magdalene, fathering at least three children, including "Jesus Junior." His descendants supposedly became the Merovingian dynasty of Frankish kings in the sixth century. This view has absolutely no historical evidence, but is based entirely upon so-called "legend."

"Merovingian" refers to the founder of that line of kings named Merovee (or Meroveus), who died in 456 A.D. The legend goes that his wife was bathing in the ocean and was impregnated by a fish. Since the early Christian Church took as its symbol the fish, they interpret the legend as meaning that Jesus, the original "Fish" impregnated Mary Magdalene to produce a "messianic bloodline," which thus has the divine right of kings to rule the earth.

Going even earlier, the books teach that Jesus' brother, James (the author of the N.T. book) was the head of a secret organization even during New Testament times. They equate him with Joseph of Arimathea. They even go so far as to make him the high priest in Jerusalem. They also make Simon the Sorcerer to be Simon Peter. All of the New Testament characters are said to be code-names for someone else. In other words, they treat the whole subject from the viewpoint that Jesus and His followers were members of a secret "mystery religion," and that they had to write in code in order not to be discovered and killed. The entire viewpoint assumes that Jesus was a conspirator and that they were involved in intrigues against the governments of the day.

"Jesus' brother James had been the Nazarene Bishop of Jerusalem, and being the second son, had held the community distinction of 'Joseph,' with Jesus being the recognized 'David.' All senior dynasts of the line were individually classified as the Davidium of the House of Bread (Beth-le-hem). . . (Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, by Laurence Gardner, p. 212).

This view, of course, is meant to justify the present-day intrigues, since it was supposedly sanctioned by Jesus Himself. At every turn, Laurence Gardner bashes the biblical account and sets forth his own interpretation to "prove" his case. Where evidence is lacking, they bash the Roman Church for book-burnings and destruction of evidence, in which their motivation boils down to a simple competition for world-dominance.

In 750-751 A.D., Pope Zachary of Rome switched his allegiance from the Merovingians to the Carolingians. Carloman himself, after whom the dynasty is named, renounced the world and secluded himself in a monastery to "save his soul from the flames of hell." His brother, Pepin, who was "mayor of the palace," took his place and made a secret agreement with Pope Zachary to depose his Merovingian master, Childeric.

Thus, the Merovingians--the supposed messianic bloodline--were deposed of their "rightful rule." From then on, they worked within the Church to promote Mary Magdalene as the "Notre Dame" to replace Mary, the mother of Jesus. This internal Church struggle has gone on for centuries and is now coming to a head with "The DaVinci Code" and many other books promoting or popularizing this antichrist idea.

Funny thing, though, there are many claimants to the Merovingian throne today. Prince Michael is just one of them. Virtually all of the European monarchs, including the deposed monarchs, claim this "divine right." More to the point is the fact that history seems to be moving toward a United States of Europe. Prince Michael would like to be King of Europe. So would Prince Charles of England, who seems to be actively running for office. (See Tim Cohen's book, The antiChrist and a Cup of Tea.)

Another candidate is "Lord Maitreya," promoted by the Benjamin Creme and the Tara Center. This claim, however, is based upon occult ability, rather than upon descent from Jesus. Then there was the Rothschild heir, Amschel Rothschild, who was assassinated in a Paris hotel room on July 8, 1996. And, of course, we cannot omit the Papacy itself, which has laid claim to the authority to rule the world for many centuries.

These people take their claims very seriously. They all hate each other, and if any one of these seems to be close to becoming the heir of the world, it is certain that he would be assassinated by the others. Antichrist-watchers scour the world in search of favorite candidates for "Antichrist," but the fact is, no candidate is strong enough to emerge as all-powerful and still survive the opposition of their rivals. Evil destroys itself, because evil men always desire power and are jealous of all rivals.

Nonetheless, there is one overall evil plan that is being implemented, upon which all evil men can agree. It is based upon the belief that the present world order must be destroyed in order to build something upon its ruins. They also agree that the main religions of the world--Christianity, Judaism, and Islam--must be destroyed and replaced. Replaced with what? They cannot agree upon this. But insofar as Christianity is concerned, they all agree that they must destroy the idea that Jesus Christ died as a Sacrifice for sin. They hate this with a passion.

And so, regardless of their differences, the basic plan as set forth by Albert Pike in 1871 is moving ahead. Each candidate for the office of King or "Antichrist" hopes that he will emerge as the King after the dust settles.

The Bible, of course, takes into account all of these things, as I showed in my FFI series on the Book of Revelation. It presents the view that the earth will ultimately be ruled by Jesus Christ, the King and rightful Heir of all things. Those who claim to be descended from Him simply do not know the biblical plan but are trying to present an alternative plan. It is wishful thinking, because all of the claimants to the throne of the earth are disqualified by their very character. They are all scoundrels by biblical standards, and their little kingdoms are the very ones that will be overthrown in the end.

Jesus Christ is the Heir of all things, and He will rule, along with the overcomers who, by definition, are those who follow Him and have His character. They are the Sons of God, as I described in my earlier weblog series, "The Sons of God."

This is the second part of a series titled "Sliding into World War Three." To view all parts, click the link below.

Sliding into World War Three

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