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Signs of the Manchild: Part 1

Mar 11, 2006

The year 1982-1982 was a major turning point in my life, which I described in chapter 3 of my book, "Hearing God's Voice." It was the discovery that God had not stopped speaking to people, and I began to have a much more real and personal relationship with God that I had never before known.

Shortly after that time, in February 1983, it occurred to me in those early times of spiritual warfare that my "weapon of choice" in the spirit was a battle axe. I had read the Scriptures about the Sword of the Spirit, but "What is a battle axe?" I asked the Father. The answer came quickly and definitely: "With Signs Following."

I soon began to understand what that meant. First, let me say that I do not follow after signs. I have found, however, that as I am led by the Spirit, signs follow me. So today I am going to tell you a sign that occurred in 1985 that revealed much about the concept of the Manchild. It came at a time when I knew little about the Manchild, and this was God's way of teaching me by observation in much the same way as God did in biblical days.

In early November of 1984 I was asked to perform a wedding for friends and co-workers at the company where we worked. I prayed about it, and the Lord said not only to do this but also to watch them, because, "as they go, so goes the Church."

Without going into detail, the wedding went very well. The groom's name was Mr. Christian, and his bride's name was actually one of the Hebrew words meaning "pearl." The Father told me that this wedding signified Christ marrying the Pearl of Great Price. Thus, the wedding itself was a prophetic sign for the Church.

Two months went by, and in early January of 1985 I received a telephone call from a friend who lived out of state. He said that God had laid it on his heart to pray for our children, and he asked me to pray about calling for a prayer campaign with this focus.

I prayed about it, and the Lord confirmed it. We were to hold a prayer campaign on Jan. 23, 1985. We were to name it, He said, from Psalm 118:23, "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes." So the name of the prayer campaign was called "The Lord's Doing."

In the prayer campaign, we were to pray for our children on four levels: (1) our children; (2) our spiritual children; (2) the children of Israel; and (3) the Manchild.

A few weeks after the prayer camapaign, some (local) friends got some great news! A child had been born on Jan. 23, and they were asked to adopt her. They had not been able to have children of their own and had put in an application to adopt a child some time earlier. Their child was thus born on the day of our prayer campaign for our children. (She is now 21.) But since the baby was a girl, it was not a perfect fit as a sign of the MANCHILD (male). Even so, it was a good sign.

Then a month later, in March, we got more good news. The Christians, whom I had married earlier in November, were expecting a child. Upon inquiry, I was told that the conception date was figured to be Jan. 23. Once again, it was the date of the prayer campaign. But, of course, it was about six weeks before the pregnancy was confirmed. That is why we did not learn of this pregnancy until March.

I knew immediately that this was the most significant sign of the Manchild in the Church. So it would only be a matter of time before we would see the actual Manchild birthed in the Church.

In those days, I was largely unaware of timing. The revelation of timing came in 1991, which was first set forth in 1992 in my book, "Secrets of Time." And so there were a few things that I learned much later as I pieced things together.

First, I did not understand in 1985 that we were in the final years of the Pentecostal Age that was to last 40 Jubilees. Pentecost would not end until 1993.

Second, I did not yet realize the significance of the two 76-day periods that we were to watch each winter. So I did not realize at the time that Jan. 23 was the end of the first 76-day period and the beginning of the second that would end April 9.

Third, I did not realize at the time that we were approaching the 120th Jubilee from Adam (Oct. 1986), and that these events ran parallel to Israel's exodus from Egypt at Passover the year before the 50th Jubilee--when they were supposed to enter the Promised Land.

At any rate, events happened in spite of my lack of understanding. On the night of April 8, as I was in my office, the Spirit of the Lord suddenly came upon me and said: "STAND UP!" Startled, I jumped to my feet, wondering what was going on. Then I received this word (quoted in part):

"Oh, My people, had you but listened to My prophets whom I sent to you. But now this day have I separated you from them. . . You are cut off. You have cut yourselves off from them and from Me. They shall be fed and find pasture. You shall be left desolate with your house. . . Come ye out of her, My people. Be not partakers with her of her plagues."

The word left me speechless and stunned. I knew from this that something was dreadfully wrong. But what was it? I did not have any clue until the following day when I went to work and was told that the Mrs. Christian had miscarried the baby. Only then did the gravity of the situation hit me. THE CHURCH HAD MISCARRIED THE MANCHILD.

In the weeks and months ahead, I learned the Lord spoke to me about a "Manchild generation." That was a new concept to me, and I inquired further. He showed me then that nature teaches us that the time a woman can become pregnant comes about every 28 days. That is a Manchild generation on a personal level. In prophecy, it is every 28 years.

In doing the calculation, I discovered then that the Church was in its 70th generation (70 x 28 = 1,960 years). Furthermore, I discovered then that this time period was the same as 40 Jubilees (40 x 49 = 1,960 years). This told me that in some way the end of time for the Church under Pentecost was the year 1993, dating from 33 A.D. (See "Secrets of Time".)

Thus, the 70th Manchild generation in the Church extended 28 years from 1965 to 1993. The miscarriage had occurred April 9, 1985.

This was the first major sign that God gave back in 1985 to tell us that the Church under Pentecost would not bring forth the Manchild and was disqualified from achieving Sonship and the first resurrection (Rev. 20:4-6). As I explained in my book, "The Purpose of Resurrection," the Church under Pentecost will have to await the second (general) resurrection to receive their reward of immortality (John 5:28, 29).

Out of this came a much greater revelation about the overcomers and the feast of Tabernacles and how the Manchild would be birthed through a separate people and through this final feast.

Furthermore, I was shown the meaning of the Lord's word on the night of April 8. God was separating the overcomers from the Church, as barley is separated from wheat, in order that the overcomers would not be implicated and liable for the Church's failure to bring forth the Manchild. Thus, in 1985 God began to bring forth a new company of people--a new generation--who WOULD bring forth the Manchild and become the sons of God.

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Signs of the Manchild

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