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Article: How Britain helped the Israelis build an A-bomb

Mar 14, 2006

This article, which can be read at the web address below, shows how the Israelis were able to build two nuclear weapons just before they attacked Egypt in the 1967 war. Their success gave them the confidence that if the war went badly, they would have an ace up their sleeve to prevent disaster. These nukes were their "insurance policy," according to the article below.


By the time of the 1973 war, which the Israelis came close to losing, America was forced to airlift tons of ammunition and supplies to the Israelis in order to prevent the necessity of using their nuclear weapons. I believe their nuclear capacity itself became the reason for America's all-out support for the Israeli state. The "facts on the ground" were simple: If they were to be overthrown, they would use their "Sampson option" and take the whole world down with them.

I don't know what you call it, but my dictionary defines this as nuclear blackmail. Even so, from God's perspective, He has allowed this to insure Esau (his descendants, the Israeli Zionists) that he would retain the birthright long enough to prove himself unworthy. See my book, "The Struggle for the Birthright."

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