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A Prophetic History of the United States - 1917

Mar 23, 2006

I have already shown that 1914 was 2,520 years after Babylon became an Empire in 607 B.C.

Now we will see that 1917 was 2,520 years after Babylon conquered Jerusalem in 604 B.C. As we showed earlier, 2,520 is the long-term judgment period of "seven times." Thus, we would logically expect to watch Jerusalem itself in 1917 to see what events might occur to reverse the events of 604 B.C. History tells us that General Allenby of Great Britain took the city of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks on December 10, 1917. This event had been projected by H. Gratton Guiness over twenty years earlier. Guiness even pinpointed the precise date from Haggai 2:18, "the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month" (on the Hebrew calendar). In 1917 that date turned out to be December 10

1917 was also the year 1335 on the Islamic calendar. I have in my possession a commemorative Turkish coin with the date of 1917 on one side, and 1335 on the other. The number 1335 is the "blessed" number found in Daniel 12:12, matching the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month--a day of blessing (Haggai 2:19).

Thus, the year 1917 could be part of a different series called "The Prophetic History of Great Britain," because that was the year Palestine came under the authority of "Union Jack" (the nickname for the British flag). Jack is short for Jacob. The land was thus given back to Jacob in order that Jacob might in turn restore it to Esau (Zionists) for a season, beginning in 1948. For a full account of that story and the reasons God allowed Zionism to succeed, see my book, The Struggle for the Birthright.

The year 1917 was significant in another way as well, for it was the year of the so-called "Russian Revolution." Why would a "Russian" event have any connection to the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C.? Simply because it was not a "Russian" revolution at all, but a Jewish revolution in Russia. This was well documented in 1919 in the U.S. Senate's "Overman Report" headed by Senator Overman.

Thus, in 604 B.C. the Jews (Judahites) were put into bondage to Babylon; and 2,520 years later, they threw off the yoke of foreign government from the majority of the world's Jews--the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. The vast majority of the Bolshevik leaders were Jewish, and the first 250 Commissars of Russia were imported from the Lower East Side of New York City, including Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein).

It is not my purpose to try to prove all of these historical events. They are well known to all who have studied history, though often these facts have been used to foment strife and hatred. I cannot stop the hatred, for I cannot change men's hearts. But I can put these things into a biblical and prophetic context, showing the purpose of God in history. To me, history is the study of the divine Plan, and a knowledge of Scripture and prophetic time cycles puts our focus upon establishing the Kingdom of God and prevents men from misusing historical facts by promoting hatred.

The simple fact is that Jacob obtained the Birthright and blessing from Esau in an unlawful way, because he did not think God was capable of doing what He had prophesied without Jacob's help. Esau's descendants (Edom, or Idumea) were eventually absorbed into Jewry in 126 B.C. by conquest. This meant that the Jews had to fulfill all the prophecies of Esau-Edom in the last days--because there was no one else to fulfill them.

In the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., God dispersed that Judah-Edom nation, putting them under an iron yoke (Deut. 28:48), as described in The Struggle for the Birthright. The law forbade them from returning apart from repentance (Lev. 26:40-42). In the early 1900's Zionism came into being, but since Judah itself was forbidden to return without repenting first, the Jews could return only under the promise given to Esau in Gen. 27:40. Jacob would have to give the Birthright back to Esau and allow God to give it the rightful son in His own appointed time and manner. Thus, the old land had to be given back to Jacob ("Union Jack") in 1917 in order that Jacob might give it back to Esau in 1948, allowing the ancient controversy of Zion to be resolved in the divine plan.

We are now coming to the final resolution of that plan, for Esau's violent and bloody methods of "taking the kingdom by force" are proving to all men that he is an unworthy son. When God takes control of Jerusalem and the old land away from the Zionist Edomites, all will know that God has done this by His perfect justice. Except, of course, for Esau's descendants, who will be left embittered, disappointed, and angry with God once again. Yet even their eyes will be opened in the end and will agree with God that He was just in His judgments.

And so, the year 1917 is a major turning point in world history. It proved to be the beginning of a century of conflict in Russia, Europe, and the Middle East. These events are just now beginning to come to a climax. When God resolves this "controversy of Zion" (Isaiah 34:8), I believe the result will be the dawn of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. That is where my hope, my prayers, and my citizenship lies.

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A Prophetic History of the United States

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