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The structure of Mystery Babylon

Dec 28, 2018

To understand Mystery Babylon, one must know that it is structured as a corporation. The KJV translators knew this centuries ago when they put it in all capital letters in Revelation 17:5, KJV because in legalese, all capital letters is how you identify a corporation.

The main goal of Mystery Babylon is to turn nations into corporations on equal footing with the big banks, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, auto, and other corporations. The corporations then attain power and influence according to their size and money on their balance sheets. This aspect of Mystery Babylon is known politically as Fascism.

But Mystery Babylon is more than a Fascist entity. It also uses Socialism as a way of putting nations (actually national corporations) into their debt. Since the big banks were given power to create money and loan it to the government at interest, theoretically, there was no limit on the amount of debt a nation could have. The only question was whether or not a government could service that debt—in other words, could it pay the interest when its bonds came due?

But even then, the government could go further into debt to pay the interest payments. At some point, however, this system would have to implode. It is a finite system, and its demise has been characterized by volatility and by the exponential rise on all of the financial charts.

The Deep State understood this many decades ago, and they planned to use that collapse to bring in another financial system that gave them even greater political control. Their plan, however, ran aground with the Trump victory in 2016. Now they have been complaining loudly that he is undoing everything that they had put in place for so long.

In fact, we noticed years ago that laws were being put into place where the president was being given dictatorial power over virtually everything in case of “national emergency.” The Deep State was planning for Hillary Clinton to be in place when this happened, but she lost and will never again achieve political power beyond the power to blackmail government agents and politicians.

Trump himself has signed executive orders amending presidential powers in case of national emergencies. He appears to be getting ready to call a national emergency in his war against the Deep State. A year ago (December 21, 2017) he signed an executive order actually declaring a limited state of national emergency in dealing with political corruption and human trafficking. This week he extended that for another year.

But back to Mystery Babylon… and God’s Plan.

The previous beast empires were given the mandate to rule the entire earth, but none of them actually succeeded. Their empires were quite extensive, but they were limited to territory in the Mideast, North Africa, and Europe. Most of Asia and the Americas were not subject to these beast empires.

Mystery Babylon is different in that it is a world-wide empire. Its founders and rulers came to understand that power was to be found by controlling three main areas: spiritual power, economic power, and military power. Any one of these by itself could not hope to succeed. Military power had been tried by all of the earlier empires, including Rome, and had failed. Spiritual power had been tried by the Roman church and had failed again. Mystery Babylon devised a way to gain economic power by gaining the power to create money, and this gave them far greater success than any other previous beast system.

Rome became the spiritual center of power, the City of London became the financial center of power, and Washington D.C. became the military center of power. It was a three-headed dragon, each centered in a different independent City-State. (Yes, Washington D.C. is a City-State that is independent of the American States. The US citizens have blue passports; American citizens have red passports.)

However, God also has plans. Revelation 17 and 18 shows the collapse of Mystery Babylon, but Daniel 2:44 says that the Stone Kingdom will “never be destroyed.” It will grow until it fills the whole earth. The kingdoms of gold, silver, bronze, and iron will all fail and will be replaced by the Stone Kingdom.

That is the political history of the world, foretold in the book of Daniel nearly 600 years before Christ.

God is using Mystery Babylon to unite the nations under one head—which we now call the Deep State. When their time is complete, God will then behead the Deep State and take over its territory. The Persians took over Babylon’s empire by conquering the city of Babylon and replacing its king. So also will Christ do so, although His war tactics are vastly different from that of the beast empires.

Understanding the sovereignty of God takes the fear out of knowing what is going on today. We can look at some pretty scary things that Mystery Babylon is doing, as they threaten to wipe out most of humanity through their Agenda 21, their expressed intention written on the Georgia Guidestone, and, of course, the continuing practice of abortion and war policy.

But we are assured in Scripture that their plans will fail in the end. It is not too different from the threat of Pharaoh when Israel was at the Red Sea. The situation looked hopeless for Israel, but God had deliberately led them to that place in order to destroy Pharaoh’s army. Most of the Israelites at that time did not have sufficient faith in God, nor did they know His plan, and so they were afraid and blamed Moses (Exodus 14:10, 11, 12).

The same is true today. Most of the people want to return to “Egypt” because they are afraid of Pharaoh’s army. But we know the plan, being instructed from the Scriptures, and for this reason, we can discuss the current situation realistically without preaching the gospel of fear. We can give hope and confidence, knowing that we now live in a post-Babylonian era. The turning point was reached in October 2017, when the saints of the Most High received the Kingdom, as prophesied in Daniel 7:21, 22, and 25.

I do not know how long it will take to fully overthrow Mystery Babylon, but I am confident that it will happen. My personal battleground at the moment is in dealing with various spiritual powers (entities) that are the power base for the Babylonian rulers. As we undercut those spiritual powers, the power brokers on earth find their power exposed and cut off.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones