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Past Israeli Nuclear Policy

Jan 04, 2006

The news on Jan. 3, 2006 was that Iran resumed its nuclear enrichment program for its nuclear power plant. The Israelis are not only very concerned about this, but also they have a long history of military and terror tactics to ensure that they are the only ones with nuclear weapons.

This information comes mostly from Don Neff's book, "Fifty Years of Israel." Don Neff is the former bureau chief in Jerusalem for Time Magazine and has a number of excellent books on the Middle East. In chapter 20, he writes about Israel's foreign policy in regard to Arab nations' development of nuclear technology. Here are some excerpts:

"On June 7, 1981, 16 U.S.-made Israeli warplanes bombed and destroyed Iraq's Osirak nuclear research facility near Baghdad, more than 600 miles from Israel's borders.

". . . Israel's critics pointed out that Iraq was a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allowed international inspections of the nuclear facility, while Israel itself refused to sign the treaty, refused inspections of its nuclear facility, and was widely believed to have a large nuclear arsenal.

"Thus, the deeper meaning of the attack was that it amounted to a declaration of war against the Arab world's efforts to enter the atomic age. The attack was Israel's way of declaring that only the Jewish state would be allowed to participate in advanced technology, while the Arabs would be consigned to non-nuclear technology and second-class economies." (p. 122)

"Bobby Inman, the No. 2 man at the Central Intelligence Agency, was less forgiving. He realized that the Israeli warplanes could not have flown to their targets without having been guided by aerial photographs supplied by U.S. spy satellites. He was right. Under a secret arrangement worked out with Israeli intelligence by Director of Central Intelligence William J. Casey, Israel had been granted access to U.S. satellite photography." (p. 123)

"Actually, Israel's aggressive intentions toward Iraq should have come as no surprise to anyone, particularly the CIA." (p. 123)

"On June 30, 1980, Dr. Yahya Meshad, an Egyptian nuclear physicist working for Iraq's Atomic Energy Commission, was killed in his Paris hotel room. Meshad had been in France checking on highly enriched uranium that was about to be shipped as the first fuel for Iraq's reactor and, according to Mossad defector Victor Ostrovsky, was the victim of Mossad agents. Two months later, starting Aug. 2, a series of bombs exploded at the offices of residences of officials of Iraq's key suppliers in Italy and France: SNIA-Techint, Ansaldo Mercanico Nucleare, and Techniatome." (p. 124)

[Victor Ostrovsky wrote about this in his 1990 book entitled, "By Way of Deception". The title is the Israeli Mossad's motto. The Israelis tried to ban the book but failed, mostly because he came to America. Knowing their tactics from the inside, he was able to outwit them until the book was published. Once published, they stopped trying to assassinate or kidnap him, because the book had already been made public.]

"The terror campaign against Iraq was similar to one carried out by Israel 19 years earlier against West German scientists working on Egypt's rocket program. That campaign was called Operation Damocles and involved kidnapping and letterbomb which caused the deaths of at least five persons in 1962-63." (p. 124)

The Israelis for the most part invented letterbombs and have used them quite often in the past in their terrorist tactics. They just don't like it when terrorism is used against them by Palestinians. Once again, it's all part of the double standard supported by Zionists and Christians everywhere. I am not among them. As you know, I am against terrorism no matter who does it. My strong Christian belief tells me that I would die for my beliefs. The terrorist view is just as strong, except that they would KILL OTHERS for their beliefs. That's the primary difference.

With the resumption of Iran's nuclear program, it appears that we are now on a countdown toward a bombing raid against Iran similar to what they did in 1981 against Iraq. The Israelis want America to do their dirty work and are angry that President Bush is taking a more diplomatic approach. That probably means that they have three months to convince Bush of his "error" or they will have to do it themselves.

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