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An Encouraging Letter

Jan 03, 2006

Here's an email received from a prison guard who was given a copy of "Creation's Jubilee" by a prisoner a couple years ago. I thought I would share it with you by way of encouragement. . . .

"We are truly enjoying the tapes. I have listened to the feast tapes so many times over and over. Acts, I just shake my head, I can't believe I have been in the assembles of God for 20 some years and never heard this stuff. Sometimes I just shut the tapes off and baste in the revelation of his word. I find myself just in awe.

"I am also amazed at how many people are blind to even considering this Good News. I know God has blinded them, I know it is for a reasonh His sovereignty. I have to wonder why he has paint this picture so clearly in my eyes?

"We are going to start a forum Sunday night starting with the sovereignty of God. I pray that God will use me to share His word, through your revelation from the Holy Spirit.

"Your book on God's sovereignty has a couple of my very close friends fighting mad. It is so amazing how little we really know the scriptures. We are so content letting the "Priest" tell us what to believe. When Prisoner Jennings first introduced us to your book, "Creation's Jubilee," I was the same way, mad, I was going to prove you wrong. I wasn't going to let my co-worker be lead a stray by this prisoner Jennings.

"I just want to give you a word of encouragment.

"Thanks for the blessings.

"In Jesus Christ,


Comment: There are many Christians who do not understand these things only because they have not had opportunity to hear the Good News. When they finally do hear it, they can "see" it.

There are others who are blind, so that even if you put it in front of their face with many infallible proofs, they will not see it, because they are blind. Blind people cannot see the evidence in front of their faces.

In Jesus' day, many people were blind and were unable to see Jesus as the Messiah. They were only filled with rage when someone came along and claimed that He was the Messiah. This blindness continues to this day among most Jewish people.

But they are not the only blind ones. All you have to do is present someone with our booklet, "If God Could Save Everyone--Would He?" and take note of their reaction. If the person flies into a rage, he is blind. If the person says, "You know, I sure hope that is the case; let me hear more, and I'll check it out in Scripture," then you know he is not blind, but only ignorant of the Good News.

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