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Prophecy Watch: What about 2006?

Dec 12, 2005

Our question here is what to expect for the feast of Tabernacles in October 2006. In other words, is it feasible from our present perspective to think that there is a good possibility for these prophetic events to occur next October?

The quick answer is: probably not. Here's why.

First, 2006 is 2,520 years from the completion of the second temple in March15, 515 B.C. (Ezra 6:15) I believe that Haggai's prophecy regarding the second temple was really a prophecy of the temple that is greater than Solomon's (Hag. 2:9). The second temple was certainly not greater, as Haggai himself admits in verse 3. The second temple in his day was a pattern of the greater temple (which is our body, 1 Cor. 3:16). The physical, second temple in Haggai's day (I believe) set the TIMING pattern for the greater fulfillment, according to the 2,520-year cycle of "7 times" (360 x 7 = 2,520).

Thus, it may be that this real "temple" will be completed on 3 Adar (Ezra 6:15), like the second temple (pattern) in 515 BC (2,520 years ago next March). So 3 Adar is a watch date for us to see what signs might emerge.

By Jewish reckoning, this would be March 3, 2006. But by the reckoning of the Karaite Jews (whom we agree with in this case), it would be Feb. 1, 2006. We will be watching both dates for clues.

The dedication of the temple and its infilling ought to be at Tabernacles, even as Solomon's Temple was.

I believe that it was 3 years from the completion of Solomon's temple to the dedication. In the mean time, they built the vessels of the temple. The dedication occurred ten years after the foundation was laid. The foundation was laid 480 years after the Exodus (1 Kings 6:1). The building itself took 7 years to complete (1 Kings 6:38). And then they built the vessels in 1 Kings 7. I believe that the vessels took 3 years to complete, and that the dedication then took place 490 years after the Exodus.

I just don't see how such a great event could occur so close to a 490-year time cycle without actually occurring at that time. Problem is, we aren't told specifically.

But there is other corroborating evidence, as I showed in my book, "Secrets of Time." Eli the high priest was 98 years old when the glory departed (1 Sam. 4:15). The glory returned (to Solomon's temple) 98 years later, which just happened to be 490 years after the Exodus and 10 years from when the foundation for the temple was laid in the 4th year of Solomon.

I believe that next February or March could see the completion of the New Temple (in the Body of Christ), but the time of the dedication is the real event to watch. Will there be another 3 years of work to construct "vessels"? If so, how?

Right now, as I contemplate the events of Tabernacles 2006, I note that we will be pouring out the 7th vial on the 7th day of Tabernacles in October. But if the resurrection occurs next year on Trumpets (2 weeks before Tabernacles), and if the overcomers come into immortality on the first day of Tabernacles (birth of the Manchild), and Christ comes in the middle of Tabernacles (John 7:14), it does NOT seem feasible that we will pour out the seventh vial in the midst of all these events.

We described the sequence of events surrounding the resurrection and the coming of Christ in the FFI #206, dated Sept. 2005. This was to show how the feast days would be fulfilled in prophecy.

I am beginning to suspect that there must be a time to build the "vessels" prior to the dedication of the Temple. That may be yet a 3-year period like it was in Solomon's day.

I just don't know at this point. So please don't anything think that I am prophesying the coming of Christ in 2006 or at any other time. I am merely a watcher, doing what we are supposed to do (1 Thess. 5:6).

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones