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The Iraq War Background: Part 1

Nov 29, 2005

My comments on the news article in the previous posting:

Notice that the churches who opposed the war are all of the "liberal" variety. They are not particularly impressed with Christian Zionism, or if they are, they did not recognize this war as being a preemptive strike to make the Israelis safe.

This was a war to make Iraq's "neighbors" safe. Which neighbors? No one ever really said. If the "neighbors" had been any one of the other nations, they would have posted a list of them everywhere. The fear was that Iraq would be a major player in a future war against the Israelis.

That is the same reason we are now going after Iran for its nuclear program.

The fact is, the Israelis have had nuclear weapons since the early 1960's, and they stole the uranium from Europe and America to do it. The European theft was called "Operation Plumbat."

What did our government do about this? Why have they not issued a public protest and stopped foreign aid until they gave up their nuclear ambitions? Why did we not threaten them with war like we are currently doing with Iraq? Once we allowed them to have nuclear weapons without a public protest, we created a Frankenstein monster.

Our skewed and one-sided foreign policy in favor of the Israelis is largely based upon the "fact on the ground" that the Israelis have nuclear weapons and are willing to use them if they are threatened with defeat. This is why America sent tons of weapons to them in the 1973 war when the Israelis nearly lost the war. If we had not done so, the Israelis would have used the nuclear option, and the American government was therefore blackmailed into preventing their defeat. It is the same today and will continue to be the same until someone pushes the red button and ends the debate.

If we had a doctrine of "fairness" in our foreign policy, we would presume that any nation had the right to develop its own technology as it pleased. But our policy is not based on fairness. It is ultimately based upon the need to prevent a nuclear exchange, while allowing the Israelis to retain their own nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, we dress up our foreign policy so it appears to be based upon reasons that the public will support. Even so, a nuclear exchange is only a matter of time, as everyone knows.

From my perspective, this is what God meant when the Scripture says, "Cast out the bondwoman and her son." That bondwoman is clearly identified as being Jerusalem (Gal. 4:25). I believe she will be "cast out" by nuclear means in order to allow the true inheritors (overcomers) to inherit the earth.

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The Iraq War Background

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