Tabernacles Conference 2017

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Please visit this page regularly as information will be periodically updated as needed.

The Conference begins Friday morning, October 13th and ends Sunday evening, October 15th.

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Video Streaming And Chat

You can visit the Streaming Center page to view the recorded streams


Speakers / Schedule

The Conference begins Friday morning, October 13th and ends Sunday evening, October 15th.

Note: "Streamed / Recorded" means they are going to be streamed, not necessarily that they have already been streamed.

Note: All times are US CDT.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm James Bruggeman Recorded Only
Chris Reed Streamed / Recorded
Lunch break
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Stephen Jones Streamed / Recorded
Rob Corry Streamed / Recorded
Dinner break
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Mark Eaton Streamed / Recorded
Ron Oja Recorded Only
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Ron Oja Recorded Only
James Bruggeman Recorded Only
Lunch break
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Rob Corry Streamed / Recorded
Music Streamed / Recorded
Mark Eaton Streamed / Recorded
Dinner break
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Chris Reed Streamed / Recorded
10:00 am - 12:00 pm No Sessions
Lunch break
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Stephen Jones Streamed / Recorded
Holy Spirit Surprise

Booking Information (Hotels)

The hotel rates are somewhat expensive, because it is so close to Duluth. Last year we were unable to meet in Duluth, because the rooms were over $200/night, and the meeting room itself would have cost over $1000/day. Cloquet is about 20 miles west of Duluth. The rates are lower, but they are still higher than average.

The AmericInn Cloquet

111 Big Lake Road
Cloquet, MN 55720

Rates (plus tax):

Friday and Saturday:

$149.99 for a two beds
$139.99 for a single

Thursday and Sunday:

$89.99 double
$79.99 single

Be sure to specify smoking or non-smoking rooms.

They serve free continental breakfasts. The hotel is located next to Perkins Restaurant, where you can get 10% off as a hotel customer.

This is the closest hotel, and the rooms are quite nice. There is a refrigerator in every room. Next to it is the Super 8 hotel, which is owned by the same company. It is not quite as nice, but certainly very comfortable, and the rates are $10/night cheaper. Both hotels have the same sales manager: Gloria White.

When making reservations, tell them you are with God’s Kingdom Ministries, because they gave us a slight price reduction. (Same with Super8 below.)

Super 8,DI,RA,BU,HJ,KG,MT,SE,TL,WG,WY,WT,WP,VO,DX,TM&PriceFilter=0-2147483647&referring_brand=SE

Rates (plus tax):

Friday and Saturday:

$139.99 for a double
$129.99 for a single

Thursday and Sunday:

$79.99 double
$69.99 single

Ask for a room that has never been a smoking room. The one we were shown is now a non-smoking room, but we could still smell the smoke. Of course, if you want a smoking room, then this should be no problem!

They serve a limited breakfast, mostly cold cereal and hard-boiled eggs, from what I could see. The hotel is located next to Perkins Restaurant, where you can get 10% off as a hotel customer.

The Black Bear Casino Resort

1785 Hwy 210
Carlton, MN 55718

Rates are on the website, but they vary according to what type of room you want. The rates are actually lower than the other hotels.

Carlton is just a few miles from Cloquet. The advantage of staying at the Black Bear is that they have shuttle service to and from the airport in Duluth (for guests only). They require 24-hour notification ahead of time for shuttle service. The rooms themselves are quite nice, if you don’t mind staying at a casino and walking through some smoke to get to and from the hotel room. They have non-smoking rooms.

They do not serve free breakfast, but they do have a restaurant.

Directions to the meeting room:

The Black Bear is at the intersection of Interstate 35 and State Hwy 210. Go north on 35 to the next exit, which is Hwy 33. Go right, and drive a couple of miles. Turn left on Cloquet Avenue, and take an immediate right on Broadway. Arise Church is on the corner of Park Place and Broadway. The address is 103 Park Place.


First, you should know that to get to the meeting room, you have to go up 19 stairs. The rest rooms are at the bottom of the stairs as well. There are no elevators, so if you cannot climb stairs, please be advised that it is not built for handicapped people. Sorry about that. We know that this is the place that God has picked for this conference, so I cannot complain, nor should you. But it is what it is.

Second, this used to be an old theater. It has been remodeled and has a new wooden floor, but the building itself is older. It is certainly suitable but it is not a luxury hotel. The closest hotels in the area are close to a mile down the road. If you do not have a car, you may enjoy the walk, but we do plan to have a van to shuttle people, and, of course, there will be many who will have cars, so I do not think that transportation will be a problem. There is parking along the sidewalks outside of the building, and also a parking lot just around the corner. Parking should not be a problem.

Third, there are about 100 cushioned theater seats in the back, which were not removed in the renovation. The rest of the floor seating has iron mesh chairs. They are comfortable for short sessions, but you may want to bring a cushion with you to sit on, especially if you want to sit closer to the platform.

Fourth, consider that Cloquet is quite far north. The weather in mid-October will be quite cool, and it often snows in October. Dress accordingly. I will not be able to give you an actual weather report until shortly before the conference begins.

Fifth, the restrooms are on the bottom floor. The restrooms themselves are quite small, with only 2 stalls in the women's, and just a toilet and urinal with no barrier between in the men's (essentially making it a one stall restroom). NOTE: We are looking into the possibility of installing portable facilities outside the building but have not heard any updates yet.

We plan to rent a shuttle van for short trips to the Duluth airport (not the airport in Minneapolis) and from the hotels to the meeting room. Others will have cars to assist in transportation as well.

Booking information not yet available.


When you first enter the building on the first floor, you will enter a coffee shop called The Avenue Coffee House, which also has sandwiches and salads for light eating. It is called The Chief. It has the full array of lattes, mochas, and teas that you would find in most coffee shops. There is also a sign painted on the window advertising “Arise Church,” which is the church that meets there every week. This church will be meeting on Sunday morning, October 15, during our conference. You are welcome to attend, but it will be their meeting and not part of our conference. We will take back the facilities and continue Sunday afternoon as we normally do at conferences.

The coffee shop also has an ice cream shop on one side. There is seating at tables, booths, and armchairs for about 25-30 people.

Down the street about 2 blocks is a small restaurant that advertises sandwiches, burgers, pastas, and steaks. It is called Avenue C.

There is a good Mexican restaurant about a half mile down the road called Pedro’s Grill and Cantina.

We will be meeting close to the St. Louis River. Across the ¼ mile long bridge are two more restaurants. One is a coffee shop similar to The Chief, and next to it is Gordy’s restaurant, which is more of a burger place, but is quite nice. We ate there yesterday.

Then down near the hotels, close to a mile down the road, there is a Perkins and some pizza restaurants and a large grocery store.

Down the road about a mile past the hotels is an Applebees restaurant. That is the most upscale eating establishment that I know about in Cloquet.

About The Conference

Conference Theme

The theme of the conference is Turning the Hearts, based on the Elijah/Elisha calling found in 1 Kings 18:37 and Luke 1:17. This theme should be viewed also in terms of Matthew 17:11, where Elias (Elijah) was called to “restore all things.” Elijah did his part with the single portion of the anointing, but Elisha now comes to finish the job with the double portion. In my view, Elisha is a company of people, not a single individual.

Conference Purpose

It appears that this is mostly about celebrating the transfer of authority from the beast systems to the saints of the Most High. It is interesting that the Black Bear Casino and Resort is nearby, and that those who have reservations there will be commuting between the two locations. Hwy 33 is significant, because 33 is a very important occult number.

Mount Hermon is the place where the counterfeit “sons of God” dwelt with the daughters of men in Genesis 6:4. That event produced the Nephilim (giants), which the Israelites confronted and largely destroyed many years later.

The location of Mount Hermon is 33.33 degrees north latitude and 33.33 degrees east longitude, based on the original Paris meridian (not the Greenwich meridian). From the equator, the distance of 33.33 degrees north latitude is 2012.9 nautical miles, and for this reason, the occultists intended to complete their takeover of the world by the end of 2012.

This plan did not work out as they had hoped, and in 2014 the transfer of authority was decreed in the divine court, effective October 16, 2014 on the eighth day of Tabernacles. (We decreed it four days earlier on October 12, on the last day of our conference that year.) We knew that we would have to wait for another three years to October 2017, so we are now approaching that time.

On July 3, 2017 a group of us were led to go to Cloquet to replace the Nephilim who were guarding the spiritual “gates” at Cloquet and Duluth. We replaced them with Seraphim. That was when we connected that location with Hwy 33, which is the number associated with Nephilim. It was also the day that God led us to hold the Tabernacles conference at that location.


If you would like to make a contribution to help with the event costs (conference rooms, speaker's accommodations, etc), you can make a donation using the donate button to the right. It will take you to our regular donation page. All donations go to God's Kingdom Ministries, and we thank you for your help.


Map to Location/Directions


From Interstate 35 take the Hwy 33 exit that is about 20 miles west of Duluth. Go north on 33, for a couple of miles. When you see the bridge over the St. Louis River, do not cross the bridge, but turn left on Cloquet Avenue, and take an immediate right on Broadway. Arise Church is one block north on the corner of Park Place and Broadway. The address is 103 Park Place.