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Light from the Crack—Chapter 16: The Equipping

I was awakened by what appeared to be a quick blast of a trumpet. As I stumbled out of bed, I could not be sure if I had heard the trumpet in a dream or if someone had blown it so…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 15: Confirmation

“How did you get your name?” I asked Atsa. “When I was quite young,” he replied, “I wandered a short distance from my house, and a coyote threatened to take me. A great eagle s…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 14: More Light

The bell rang three times strong and clear in the spacious town square before I was challenged by one of the Town Council members. “Stop ringing that bell!” He shouted at me. “You…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 13: A Mysterious Disappearance

I awoke early while it was yet dark, and as the day dawned in the east, I made my way once again up the mountain path, arriving at a nearby ridge just in time to hear the sun spli…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 12: Laying Foundations

Twelve men of faith emerged from the Town Hall meetings who were ready to follow Joseph and to assist in building the new Kingdom. Others from the town were shaken. The mayor and …

Light from the Crack--Chapter 11: Joseph's Message

“Order, order,” the mayor called out to the gathered crowd. He paused as the noise died down and then said, “Our final speaker this week is Joseph, who is the most senior and most…

The October Surprise, as revealed by a captured spy

Here is a short but interesting video about a captured spy who revealed what the rumored "October surprise" is, as planned for this year. Now that it is exposed, it is less likely…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 10: Deeper Explanations

As we walked away, a young man ran out from the Town Hall, calling out to us: “Wait, please, I need to ask you a question!” We stopped and turned around as he caught up with us…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 9: Anava's Message

The day dawned slowly as light cracked the darkness from the face of the earth. I dressed carefully, pondering dreams of the night, communing with the Creator of all, anxious abou…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 8: Joshua’s Message, Part 2

 “Do you agree that the new covenant puts no requirement on the people to vow obedience, but that yet they are to be compliant with the Creator’s law?” Joshua asked. “Yes, of c…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 8: Joshua's Message, Part 1

“Order, order,” the mayor shouted to the crowd. “Find a seat so that we may begin the meeting.” At first, there was no response, but upon further urging, the people reluctantly br…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 7: Stewarding Gifts

“How did we get here?” I asked with astonishment. I thought we had parted company after our summit at the lodge. “It appears that we were transported here at the same time,” Jo…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 6: The Return, Part 2

“How does one build a kingdom?” I asked Joshua and Joseph. “Well, we must look at the present situation and build from there,” Joseph replied. “Few of the people in Newkirk hav…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 6: The Return, Part 1

“Anava has returned to do Your will,” I said slowly and deliberately, as I approached the soft glow of light from the crack in the mountain. “Your will is my delight, because your…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 5: The Second Rainbow

“I see the blood!” the Voice from above shouted. “The passage has been paid! Hereafter, I will draw all men unto Me!” The passage from the lower world to the upper was not unli…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 4: The Rainbows, Part 2

The Voice shattered the cool stillness like thunder, and both Joshua and I jumped with momentary terror. “The rainbow speaks!” Joshua exclaimed after regaining his composure. “…

Light from the Crack—Chapter 4: The Rainbows, Part 1

The day dawned with threats of showers, challenged quickly by the bright sun as it peeked around the cotton-like bluffs, sending flaming swords of light through each hole in the c…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 3: The Guardian, Part 2

For a long while, I basked in the revelation of divine suffering and ultimate glory. Then the guardian broke the loud silence, saying, “You were led here for the revelation necess…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 3, The Guardian, Part 1

The day was warm and sunny as I walked along the winding path by the stream as it flowed gently and steadily along the base of Revelation Mountain. It babbled on and on, not carin…

Light from the Crack--Chapter 2: Revelation Mountain

“What can you tell me about that mountain?” I asked, pointing in the direction of the mountain behind the lodge. The lodge owner looked at me thoughtfully and replied, “What do yo…

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